This fragile girl is full of fiery energy of design solutions. Tatiana will be on your “wave”, and will offer what you dreamed of, but could not express in words. Thanks to Tanya, I now live in the house of my dreams. She managed to pick up a combination of colors, things, details so that when I enter each room, I feel joy and comfortable sensations. The guests say directly — we are jealous! Everything is so cozy, warm and stylish. And another important nuance: Tanya will be able to fit your dreams into your financial capabilities. And this is not given to every designer. Tatiana redid the design project of our house after another “local” designer-visionary.

Victoria and Vladlen. Alacant. España

Do you see a new and very stylish black house? There is no sign there yet, but it will appear soon, but in the meantime, go to the light, you will not be mistaken. The interior corresponds to the exterior: strict and modest Scandinavian style, simple furniture, unusual lamps and dishes from IKEA, high ceilings and at the same time a homely atmosphere.
Architect Tatiana managed to create a warm and stylish interior.

Vera Kopti. Editor in AS Postimees Group Tallinn. Eesti

We have been cooperating with the Archid studio for a year.
In the person of the chief architect Tatiana, the ideas and development
of the layouts of the house No. 1 on Demeevskaya St. were successfully implemented, and the concept of landscaping
of the park in the Park Lakes residential complex was implemented, where according to her concept, a house area with a fountain and
a skate park, landscaping and even control over planting plants was organized.
The result of the work meets our expectations.
We hope for further cooperation and recommend
architect Tatiana as a responsible, ideological,
sociable, creative specialist in her field.
We wish you success in the field of architecture.

Goroh Julia. Commercial Director The company "Intergal-Bud". Kyiv

Tanya, thank you very much! My wife is absolutely delighted with the project:) I don’t know how you pleased her! Good luck to you and good customers!

Dimitry et Sophie:). Annecy. France

Tanya is a super designer,
despite the small size of our apartment, she has a huge amount of creativity in it,
everything is arranged wisely and beautifully. Very high quality.

Sergi et Nathalie. Annemasse. France

Thank you, Tatiana!
What would we do without you! 
I am extremely pleased. You can’t even imagine how!
Special thanks for the video reports with dimensions and explanations and photos. 
Since the main problem was that I was on a flight and it was impossible to control the construction site…
Thank you to your team for the ambulance in our repair!

Yuri. Odessa

The question of repair is probably one of the most terrible moments in life for everyone, but when there are specialists like Tatiana,
who, thanks to her experience and talent, can answer all the questions that concern you, correct
somewhere, supplement your vision of technical or design solutions, then you immediately begin to understand,
not so much he is afraid of this so-called repair.
Thank you Tatiana so much for solving our questions, and we now live in a beautiful apartment of our dreams!!!)))

Roman and Karina. Rostov-on-Don

I am a happy client of architect Tatiana.
I ordered a country house project.
To say that I am satisfied with the result is to say nothing.
The process was fast and high-quality. It would seem that quickly and efficiently = expensive, at first I thought I would stay without pants,
but in the end the price tag turned out to be more than acceptable. I advise everyone. Tatiana is a master of her craft, she will find an approach to everyone.

Maksim. Moscow

I would like to express my gratitude to Tanyusha and her team of builders for bringing my interior solutions and plans to life. Gratitude, first of all for sensitivity, originality and for the excellent harmony of price and quality. Almost everything hit right on target, and what didn’t hit, we discussed and came to a consensus. It’s a pity that I have only one apartment so far, otherwise the process of arrangement is too exciting!

Ilya. Kyiv