Stages of repair and design

The most common thing that everyone gets lost after interior design, starting repairs is in the order of construction work.  How to make sure not to forget anything and understand when and what to order and comfortably allocate the budget.  Unless, of course, you have decided to contact me for copyright supervision and my team of builders. […]

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Interior design

At the request of an interior designer, you will find a huge number of commercial services and offers. We have not been interested in just drawing pictures for a long time, you will find them on the Internet. We create ready-made interiors, accompanying the entire process of creating an interior from and to.  Any repair

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About layouts

So about the layouts.  As I have already said, I worked as a chief architect in a developer, worked closely with the sales department and was engaged in correcting the layouts of apartment buildings. 🏢🏨🏩 So, what is the optimal layout: 🔽 Cardinal directions. Everything is very banal. In summer, the sun warms hotter, so if

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