About layouts

So about the layouts.  As I have already said, I worked as a chief architect in a developer, worked closely with the sales department and was engaged in correcting the layouts of apartment buildings. 🏢🏨🏩
So, what is the optimal layout: 🔽 Cardinal directions. Everything is very banal. In summer, the sun warms hotter, so if you choose rooms with windows facing south, west or southwest, get ready to install air conditioning. If the windows face east or southeast, it won’t be so hot in summer. And if to the north — the room will always be dark.

🔼Lighting (number of windows in the apartment).
It is very important to look at how many windows are in the room and what size they are.  It happens that in a one-room studio of 40 sq m there is only one window. ⠀
In general, the more windows, the better. But do not forget about heat loss.  Consider the ratio of the size of the windows to the amount of clothing worn in winter. But yes, panoramic windows are very beautiful.

Windows with arches, round windows are taboo, it is difficult to hang curtains on them. Arches belong in old houses with high ceilings, where a real classic or loft/industrial is planned in advance, which implies the relevance of such windows.

🔼 The depth of the apartment.

It is important to pay attention to how deep the layout is.  In such apartments, the rooms far from the facade are always covered with darkness (corridors, halls, and sometimes kitchens/ bedrooms). Ideal: the apartment is stretched along the facade. The best aspect ratio is 3:4 (the long side along the facade).
The simpler and the smoother the housing of the apartment, the better. Avoid round houses that have the shape of a sector.
Avoid apartments with a complex shape — this entails the loss of usable space and the rise in the cost of repairs!!! Which I will tell you about in the following posts.
…and that’s not all. 😉 I accept for consultation on the choice of an apartment. If you choose an apartment in a new building and you have doubts about your future layout…  Write or call me.  We will arrange for departure to your proposed apartments and help you decide on the choice. 


When ordering an apartment design project, consultation in the selection is free of charge!
You can also order a separate layout or just visit the object and help in choosing a property.
Let’s start the first acquaintance:)