Interior design

At the request of an interior designer, you will find a huge number of commercial services and offers. We have not been interested in just drawing pictures for a long time, you will find them on the Internet. We create ready-made interiors, accompanying the entire process of creating an interior from and to.  Any repair begins with a project, and the project itself consists of:

3D visualization and Drawings, namely:
Three planning solutions.
Partition dismantling plan
Partition installation plan
Layout of switches with reference to electrical networks
Layout of lighting equipment
The layout of sockets with reference to the equipment
Layout of air conditioning equipment
Layout of heating equipment
Floor heating plan
The layout of plumbing equipment
Furniture and equipment layout plan
Ceiling finishing plan
Plan of doors and partitions
Layouts of all tiles with counting.

And then you can move on to the repair itself, about the repair procedure in the following articles.  For advice on interior design in Kiev, call or write. We will advise you free of charge on design issues or the choice of layout.